Building Families, Healing Kids

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Family Conference, July, 2015:

Family Conference, July, 2015

Family Conference, July, 2015

Today more than ever people are reaching out for answers to the many social problems in our world. In Mongolia, training in child-rearing and developing healthy family relationships are pressing needs. As the Children’s Place seeks to restore some of our children to their biological families, we strive to ensure that these homes are healthy environments for the children.
In July we held our Family Conference for the staff of the Children’s Place, as well as others who work with “at-risk” families throughout the capital city and in rural areas. Pastors Kevin Strite, of Harrisonburg, VA, and David McBride of Norfolk, VA spoke on a variety of issues, including how to break destructive cycles which lead to abuse and abandonment in families, and how to provide a firm foundation of security for young people to enable them to reach their full potential. Of particular interest to those attending was the discussion of the stages of children’s emotional development. Some leaders commented afterwards that their vision was broadened to not only focus on the needs of the child, but to serve the family as a whole.

Many thanks to Kevin and David for sharing their time, experiences and insights!

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