Children’s Place Remodel Campaign – Complete

$20000.00 out of $20000.00


The Children's Place is a haven: a place for kids when everything around them is shaking and they need a "home".  Fourteen years ago, this dream became a reality when a garage in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia was converted into a home for orphans.  Since then, 151 children have lived in the Children's Place, 68 have been adopted to both international and Mongolian homes, and 26 children live there now.  Life is full.

Yet in the midst of this, our children's home needs repairs.  We begin this June with a new roof, just in time to beat the summer rains.  Thankfully, we have the funds for the new roof.  However, the leaking roof caused significant other damage, especially to the walls.

Ceiling materials need to be replaced, as do broken light fixtures, and door frames, evidence of long service to many children.  It is likewise no surprise that with constant use, the linoleum on the floor has completely worn away and the kitchen counter, where thousands of meals have been prepared, is falling apart.  These, and other repairs, are long overdue. In mid-July, our children will go to a summer home, making it the ideal time to repair the inside of our facility.

The need is great. Yet for the repairs to happen, we need the funds. There is currently a matching $10,000 gift waiting for the Children's Place, but we won't receive it unless you give!   Our goal is $20,000.   Take this opportunity to impact our children in Mongolia by providing them with a safe and nurturing place to call home.


  1. delnora June 21, 2017 at 2:42 pm  / 

    The new roof is being completed now. Soon we’ll be ready to begin repairs inside the Children’s Place! We are delighted to be able to remodel this ‘haven’ that is currently home to so many. It is not only functionally necessary, but this is yet another way to communicate to the children that they are important—their lives and therefore their environment matters.
    Thank you for partnering with us! We are profoundly grateful.
    And for those who still want to participate, it’s not too late. Your gift makes a difference.