The Childrenʼs Place: A place called, “home”

Who we are:

The Childrenʼs Place in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia is a home for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe, loving environment for abandoned, and orphaned
children, as well as children who are in harmful family circumstances. We believe that
every child deserves a healthy, loving home. When family relationships are severed or
become disrupted, children are at risk physically and emotionally. For many of our
children, The Childrenʼs Place is the first and only loving environment they have known.
The goal of the Childrenʼs Place is to provide the love and care our children need so
that they can thrive in a family. In some instances it means that we provide a safe
haven for the child while working with the biological family so that the child can be
restored to a healthy home environment. In other instances that means helping the child
develop the ability to form healthy, loving relationships in an adoptive family.