How we were Founded

Founded in 2000, we began as a medical humanitarian aid organization providing medical and rehabilitation services as well as training for health care personnel.  From this our vision expanded.  In 2003 the Children’s Place was established as a safe haven for those who were abandoned, neglected or abused.  As a result of that outreach, many children today find themselves in a safe home and loving families.  After this, Reaching the Light Developmental Center followed, being referred to by one mother as “the place where you cause children to walk.”  This is our center for children with special needs, specifically those children living in rural areas where there are no therapy programs.  Next, the Bright Futures Project began as a daily feeding program for homeless children and teens living in the streets and manholes throughout Ulaan Baatar.  This was followed by our Happy Days after school program for vulnerable children in Ulaan Baatar.
As each of these projects continue to expand, more Mongolian children and teens are being reached with hope and help.  Our experienced Mongolian staff continues to serve with dedication and compassion as they lead the way in the different venues.  The work would not happen without them.  We are also very thankful for partners around the world who bring their medical expertise,  come with needed equipment,  are able to give financially, and who support and get the word out to others.