One Child One Hope: Sponsorship Program


The dream of every child of every child at the children’s place is to have a home of their own.  We are committed to this dream, whether it means that the child will be restored to his bio-logical family or be adopted into a loving family of his own. Until that happens, we are their family, and we gratefully accept the responsibilities that go along with that. We all know that parenting is an investment…..on every level; emotional, physical, and financial. But we also know that the investment in these precious lives is well worth it! We felt that many  of you would also understand the great value of bringing healing and hope into the lives of our children. For this reason we established the “One Child One Hope” sponsorship program.


How does it work?

As a Child Sponsor, you would agree to provide a monthly financial gift of $33 for one year, or until they are settled in their own family (whichever comes first). In exchange you would receive a photo/magnet of your child and periodic updates about what is going on in his/her life. To read the updates, you would have access to our “Members Only” section on the website where you can see recent pictures of your child and news about important current events going on in his/her life.

How do I join?

Simply complete the registration form below and we will contact you with the name picture and password that will begin your relationship with one child…. and offer one great hope for his future!

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