DSC09694Rita Browning serves as the president of MAR and has lived internationally since 2000 in Mongolia. She completed her medical school training in 1981 at the Univ of Ky and then a pediatric residency at Wake Forest University Baptist hospital in Winston Salem, NC in 1984. After this Dr. Browning worked with the Indian Health Service in Claremore, OK for 7 years and then 3 years of private practice in the Tulsa area. Her training as a board certified Pediatrician has given her opportunity to serve children in over 35 countries on short term endeavors until she moved to Mongolia. Since 2000, she has directed a project to train Mongolian pediatricians in the city of Ulaan Baatar where she holds a visiting professorship at the major children’s referral hospital. Her students have returned to countryside locations and the remainder is engaged in fellowship training or work at this referral hospital. Dr. Browning brings oversight and direction to MAR in all areas of our work and lives in UB with her 2 adopted Mongolian sons, Luke and David.

Boloroo Tumurbaatar, now project director, dishing up soup in the early days of the project.

Boloroo Tumurbaatar, now project director, dishing up soup in the early days of the project.

Bolormaa Tomorbaatar is the founder of the “Bright Future” project.  Having grown up in adverse circumstances herself, Boloroo is particularly sensitive to the plight of children who lack parental care and attention in their lives, and young people who are living in the streets, or in abusive situations. Boloroo completed the 8th grade of secondary school in Ulaanbaatar and went on to complete a 2-year Bible

School degree. At the age of 21, Boloroo made a decision to begin a feeding program for hungry street children.  She launched her dream, with other young people from her church, by serving 2-3 meals a week initially. Boloroo continued to volunteer for the next year without pay as the project expanded and developed into one that truly offers impoverished young people  a hope and a “Bright Future”.

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Dolgormaa Badam is the Director of  Development Centre “ Reaching the Light”. Dolgormaa graduated from Medical college in 1993 and got her maternity nurse/ midwife degree. After working at the Maternal & Child Hospital and Research Center for several years, she started working for Mongolian Asia Reach in 2005 as caretaker in “Gerel “ orphanage (The Children’s Place). Since 2007 she has been working for “ Reaching the Light” Development Center where she has shown remarkable aptitude not only as a developing therapist, but great sensitivity and compassion with the families of children with special needs. She is married and has 5 children.