About Mongolia

Mongolia is rich in history, culture and spectacular scenery.  From the grasslands of the Steppes to the golden dunes of the Gobi Desert in the south and Lake Hovsgol in the north, Mongolia is a fantastic journey in time and space!

Quick Facts
Population:        2.9 million
Territory:           1,564,000 sq km (about the size of Alaska)
Regions:           18 provinces
Climate:            Warm summers and extremely cold winters
Avg. Temp:        Summer 66 F   Winter -24 F
Capital:             Ulaanbaatar
Government:      Parliamentary with a president elected every 4 years
Economy:         Traditionally based on agriculture, livestock breeding (camels, cattle, goats, sheep and horses), mining
Religions:          Buddhist 94%,  Christianity < 1%
Language:         Khalkha Mongolmap